Hello to all. Hope you have a wonderful day!
  • Our story

    Lil Elfie had a dream.

  • Our story

    To make it snow year-round.

  • Our story

    But that's hard to do.

  • Our story

    When you don't believe in yourself.

  • Our story

    Get belittled and made to feel small. That one person doesn't matter. And so we support one another. Support the planet by choosing Vegan and Organic. Our health depends on it! Support and connect with people, especially those with problems they can't handle. That's what Lil Elfie's about.


We want to make you look great, to bring out that special you. For you to thrive. Banish that negativity -- gone, the past.

We take our money and put it towards good products, good causes. At Lil Elfie, when you donate a $1.00, we'll see that a tree is planted through our partner, One Tree Planted. And when you donate that $1.00, we'll match it too. And, we are going to expand into other initiatives (Animal Welfare) in the future -- stay posted.


Lil Elfie Vegan Cosmetics

Made to make you thrive.