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Lil Elfie Activewear covers everything you need for working out, yoga, and for leisure. We have Sweatpants, Joggers, and Leggings, Sports Tops and Bras! We also have Sweatpants for Women and Men.
Lil Elfie Sports Bra
Lil Elfie Seamless Leggings - Grey & White
Lil Elfie Leggings
Lil Elfie Legging - Black
Lil Elfie High Waist Contrast Yoga Workout Legging
Lil Elfie Seamless Sports Top - Grey & White
Lil Elfie Racerback V-Neck Athletic Sports Bra - Black
Lil Elfie Seamless Set - Grey & White
Lil Elfie Set - Leggings & Sports Bra - White
Lil Elfie Camouflage Set - Leggings & Sports Bra - Brown/Green
SALE! 50% OFF! Lil Elfie Seamless Set - Leggings & Sports Bra - Black [MADE IN ITALY]
SALE! 50% OFF! Lil Elfie Seamless Legging - Black [MADE IN ITALY]
Lil Elfie Mesh Seamless Set - Grey Purple
Lil Elfie Dark Grey Melange Unisex Skinny Joggers